6 Basic Things A Techie Should Know

I recently read a few articles on Digg that said what every ‘geek’ should know. While some of the lists had good ideas, most of the items on the lists are really specific to ‘computer geek’. I figured I would make my own list of what a techie should know. HTML I’m not saying that […]

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Shared Hosting

While working on the site for The Recorder (Central’s newspaper) I’ve had to deal with what we were going to do for hosting. CCSU currently runs all club websites on a Microsoft IIS server. There isn’t even database access so we’re left with either static pages or crazy ASP flat file systems. Neither of these […]

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Welcome to the about page! I started this blog just recently in hopes to have something to do. In short, I do web development and programming. If this is too complicated of an explanation, I send stuff through the tubes of the intarweb. I used to use a dump truck, but now that’s frowned upon. You can find my whole bio and some other stuff at http://dweitz.net/