Internets and Dumptrucks

Yea, so the jokes have been overused. I see them used on Slashdot almost every day and they are always modded +5 funny. I mainly just wanted to say that I think people have been wrong about the whole “the internet is not a dump-truck” thing. So that makes Ted “Tubes” Stevens wrong still.

Apparently sploggers and and spammers think the Internet is just a dump-truck. They just dump all their advertising right onto the web. I can’t stand all this stuff anymore. I get about 30 emails every day that are just spam. It’s Japanese spam too, so I can’t read it, but I know it’s spam. I figure that most of these spammers live in China or Indonesia, or some places in Africa where they can make good money.

I think the problem with spamming and splogs is that it pays too well. I mean you might not like it, but these people get paid money to generate random words with links and put them on a page. So that YOU, the consumer, will hopefully buy their product. I’m 16 years old, I don’t think I’ll be needing Cialis anytime soon. Any potential for new and innovative ideas on the net will always be brought down by people who figure out a way to use it for evil.

I’ll take a look at wikis for example. It’s a great idea, but when people start editing the pages with spam and false information (I’m looking at you Colbert), it just becomes annoying and wastes my time. Any product has the potential to be abused in some way. Whether it be software or hardware, someone wants to copy, cheat, lie, and just generally screw over the public.

This post basically just turned into a spam rant. I know my words can’t do anything to help, but it will make people angry. That’s the kind of thing I like though. Nothing is ever going to be the way I or anyone else wants it. I guess it could be called a fact of life. Nevertheless, I still sit in my chair brewing. Which, by the way, doesn’t solve anything, but it wastes time, which I seem to have a lot of.


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