Where is my Hovercar?

Really! What the hell happened? Did something get lost in translation somewhere? I shouldn’t be living now since the Y2K bug was suppose to kill computers and eat our first born. Seriously though, we expect too much from engineers and come up with crazy ideas. I mean, asbestos sounds cool…that is, until we figured out is causes cancer. They’ve had ideas for nuclear-powered cars. Although that sounds cool too, but think about driving around what is basically an atom bomb in your trunk.

I could never become a Futurist because they’re wrong too many times. Every once in a while they’ll get something right, but most of the time they’re wrong. For instance, DEC’s Ken Olson, “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” That was in 1977 I believe. Could he have been any more wrong? Then there is Bill Gates which said…well, lets just say I have more RAM that I need, a lot more.

We are even coming up with more crazy ideas now. We are stretching the limit to what we as humans can understand. When we start asking questions like “Why are we here?” or defining consciousness. At least when we thought about us flying, we could make something (an airplane) and it worked. Hell, we could all be living in nothingness, without our minds, we wouldn’t have this world around us. We could be living in a make believe world that is entirely our imaginations. There is a Zen story that talks about a man that has a dream he was a butterfly, but when he wakes up, he doesn’t know whether he is a man dreaming that he is a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming he is a man. I say we figure out what an electron actually is and work from there. We haven’t even seen a clear picture of an atom yet, how are we suppose to understand how the universe was created when we don’t know how part of the atom works and what it looks like?

I am still awaiting stuff that will hopefully come in my lifetime. Like robots that go get a drink out of the fridge for you and clean your gutters. If they DO get too smart for their own good, we just send an EMP shock wave and destroy them all. Sounds easier than it will be, but it lets me sleep at night. There are other cool things on the horizon like Oxycyte (artificial blood) and gene therapy. I hope that the future is bright for the human race, but you never know when Armageddon is going to happen.

PS: I realize that I tend to ramble.


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