The OS Software War

Through out the history of operating systems, there has always been people siding with a specific operating system. The current systems today are Windows, Linux, and OS X. Well, those are the major one’s at least. I’m not counting Unix as you can see. I would love to stay bi-partisan on this issue. The fact of the matter is, you use what you need. I know there are plenty of people that swear by Linux, but what good is it if you don’t need it?

Many people bash Windows for it’s security concerns and bloat. Well, if you looked at how many people use Windows, it shouldn’t surprise you. I mean, if you had millions of people using your software, there is always going to be bugs. I figure the amount of bugs and holes vary directly with the square of the popularity of the software. If you would like an equation: y = kx2. This would create a parabola that I think represents this phenomenon well. I commend Microsoft for being able to support such a large user base. Windows has probably the most software written for it too. Since it’s so popular, many people write software for it. If you look at a random batch of programs most of them run on Win32 exclusively, or have a port for it.

Now onto Linux. Everyone says Linux is the best thing since sliced bread. If you’re looking for free software that’s reliable I would go with Linux. I think the main problem with Linux is that there are too many distributions to choose from. First there was Slackware and then came a whole bunch. It went from none to such a large offering people didn’t know what to choose from. The most popular now is probably Ubuntu or Fedora. I think it’s mainly because of the ‘pretty’ aspect. It has to be functional and look nice at the same time for an enjoyable consumer experience. This is what both of those distros pull off. I’m pretty sure this market will grow, but I just heard that Microsoft is working with Novell on something involving Linux. I don’t know what’s in it for Microsoft, but I’m sure they have plans.

I can’t say much about OS X. I’m saying this because I’ve never owned a Mac. I know people who do own a Mac and I know they love it. I have to say they are a dedicated bunch. I figure Macs are mainly for graphics design and some high end video editing. I know there are some nice games and the interface is probably the best out of the three major operating systems. I always laugh when I hear the joke about how you can determine a man’s sexual preference based on his OS of choice. Macs have always had that reputation of being for the more ‘festive’ bunch of males. I know it’s a joke, but I think some people actually think it’s true, which it’s not. If you’re looking for ease of use and some cool hardware, you might want to look into a mac. I just saw an article on digg about Windows being easier to install on a Apple computer than on a PC. Nice job Apple ;).

Not much else to say. Stay Classy Readers!


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