Thoughts on OWD and OD

EDIT: See seanrox’s comment for a little clarification.

If you are a web designer/coder/master, you may have heard of Open Source Web Design or OSWD as it was called. Well, to make a long story short, OSWD broke down because of its lack of updates. Through that reformation, Open Web Design was born. It’s now the end of the year and it looks like another shift is about to go on. With MonkeyMan leaving OWD and the new owners being not ‘likable’, there is obvious furor in the community. Blogger Andreas Viklund shut OWD down, figuratively speaking [ref]. Currently there was a forum ‘upgrade’ which most of the community thinks is overkill. They ‘upgraded’ to vBulletin, but many are saying that it was a mistake. You can look at the forums yourself.

There is a new player in town called OpenDesigns. This site was created by SeanRox. Him and two others, LobsterMan and Christopher are the current administrators. There will be moderators soon too. I hope, for the sake of everyone, this is here to stay. I’m assuming it is going to be a more democratic process and this should work out good for everyone. Not to mention they use WordPress as the back end and Vanilla for their forum software. Not saying this is what it’s all about, but it sure gets a +2 from me.

The main problem with OWD is the communication. Shay, the new owner didn’t have anything to say for a while and when stuff started happening everyone was confused. The breakdown in communication was probably the main problem that I’m attributing to the eventual demise of OWD. As much as people would like to think they can co-exist, it won’t happen. People are lazy and aren’t going to submit the design to the best community and not both.

On the plus side, the Open Designs process for submitting design is better and you don’t have to wait forever to get your design up. Vanilla is already hooked up to the WordPress-powered site and everything is pretty much a go. There holding a contest for a site design and some of the submissions look amazing.

I’m not a psychic, so I can’t predict what’s going to happen, but I can get an idea. The way OD operates is much better than OWD so far (at least as long as I have been there). Only time can determine the fate of these two sites, but the better one will prevail, and in my opinion the better one is OpenDesigns.


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