Needs more ‘Edit’

I don’t have many grievances with digg. I usually just do my thing and digg articles that I like and move along. I have found many articles with spelling errors (even though there is a spell check feature) or the information is flat-out wrong. They have it for the comments, so it would be great if they could extend that functionality to the story. So an edit feature on digg is a necessity.

Case in point, yesterday, I submitted a story that WordPress 2.0.6 was released, but I said that Automattic had released it, when in fact Automattic doesn’t actually own WordPress (it’s an open source project) and therefore doesn’t release it. An edit feature would have been great in this place. Instead of people having to bury it and create a new story with correct information, I could have just edited it if I could.

Digg already lets you have the ability to edit your comments for a certain amount a time, so why not if you submitted the story? There would have to be certain restrictions in place to prevent misuse. I would say after about 30 diggs or so on the story, the edit feature would have to be disabled since if 30 people saw it and thought it was OK, it probably doesn’t need any editing. It couldn’t be like comments since if only 5 people digg it and say something is wrong, it might be a while before you go back and check to see what people said.

In conjunction with the edit feature on the comments, this would be a small, yet greatly appreciated addon to digg. All those in favor, say ‘I’.


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