Google Chart API

I love graphs. Numbers are incredibly boring when they’re just sitting there on a table or spreadsheet. Making numbers lively requires some imagery. That’s why I love what Google has done with their new Chart API.

They make it dirt simple for anyone to create graphs. Instead of making a bunch of data and saving it out and realizing that you screwed a number up, you can just go change a number in the URL and it changes instantly. No need to upload all the images, just use the <img> tag and link to the URL with it.

If I figure it out more, I think I’ll make a little script in PHP that will auto-generate URL’s. Then it won’t give you any excuse for not using graphs when you have numbers to show! This is just an example of what it can do:,80,20.0|30.0,8.0,63.0&chs=250×100&chxt=x,y


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