I Got An iPod

So for Hanukkah this year, I got an iPod Classic. After looking at the Touch, I decided to go with the Classic because it had more space and I figured I might as well get the iPhone if I wanted a touch screen.

Previously, I had an iRiver iFP 899. It worked out fairly well when I had it. It had 1GB of storage and it played songs fine. The only real qualm I had about it was the “iRiver Music Manager” that came with it. It was slow as hell and the drivers got screwed up every time I upgraded the firmware. Since it had a SSD inside, it was resilient to a few “accidents” I had. I dropped it on the ground, in a cup of water, and on other various surfaces. Thanks to the plastic case you get with it, I still don’t have a scratch on the thing.

Now back to the iPod that I just got. The one that I got was the iPod Classic 80GB Black. I like it better than the 5G version of the iPod, but the back is still very prone to scratching. Within the first 24 hours of owning it, the back already got scratched to hell. I had it in my jacket pocket, which is padded, so I really don’t know how it happened.

The interface is obviously sleek since its Apple. While it’s not particularly an amazing sight to me, all my friends are amazed by the album artwork panning across the screen on the right side. I know Apple likes to tout their cover flow feature, but I find it kind of annoying. I hate having to flip through the albums to find what I want. I either turn it on shuffle, or find the album I want by scrolling through the album list. The scroll wheel is light-years better than the little nub that I had on the iRiver player. It just took me a few minutes to get used to scrolling around quickly to find songs.

My biggest reason for buying the Classic was the space. I wanted room to store not just my music, but my movies too. I have about 12GB of music and about 50GB of movies on my external HD that I wanted to copy over. I came to the realization that all the movies are encoded with either DivX or Xvid, so I have to convert 90% of them over to the m4v which the iPod plays. It’s a minor setback though.

I have come to loving the syncing feature with the iPod also. I’m not the biggest fan of iTunes, but it gets the job done for what I have to do. It syncs up my music, videos, and podcasts quickly. I haven’t done any photos yet, but I assume the same.

All I have to say in the end is great job Apple. While not the perfect device, the iPod comes very close to achieving perfection. It single handedly started the portable music industry and has created a space for competition to brew.


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