Boo to Validity

Not really though. Validity is an important aspect of being a web developer, and as one, I believe that I should try my hardest to implement the various standards that have come to be on the web. Although, I occasionally get in arguments with people about some of the finer points of validity and semantics.

I just read HOWTO Avoid Being Called a Bozo When Producing XML, and I must say, it’s a little over the top. In reality, I think just about every single XML feed that is dynamically produced is done with sending the header text/xml and printing out lines while in a loop. It may not be the best way to do it, but it works. Sending it as application/whatever creates messy situations in IE and it’s all around not fully supported by any browser.

The same deal has happened with XHTML. It is suppose to be pure XML, styled and transformed with an XLST stylesheet. I have never seen that anywhere on the web with the exception of In place of true XML, we tend to just use HTML sprinkled with slightly stricter rules. Then, a text/html header is sent and the browser just ignores all the strict markup we did and parses it as normal HTML! I now understand why a lot of people like to use HTML 4.01.

It really isn’t the standard creators fault. The W3C has done a wonderful job creating very specific and well layed out standards. The problem is not them, it’s the browser makers. Some are obviously worse than others (*cough* IE *cough*), but none of them have fully implemented some of the latest standards. I can’t really pin down Mozilla because they’re an open-source, community developed browser. I can, however, yell at Microsoft. They have an entire team of dedicated people that just work on Internet Explorer. They get paid crap tons just to work on it. It seems like all that money really hasn’t paid off. Other browsers are light-years ahead of them in terms of speed, reliability, security, and just plain rendering ability. No one is perfect, but it seems to take YEARS for some basic implementations.

I would love to implement these standards on the sites I create, but the hard truth is, they just don’t work right yet. Until everyone can work together, nothing is ever going to work the best it can be.

PS: I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ll keep trying.


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