CCRPG is currently a large project that I am working on now. The developing work is here: For more information on how it got started and the history behind it, you should look at the creator’s blog here. We’ve known each other for a year or so and I said I would do this for him. Development has slowed since I started school, but I hope to get stuff done on the weekends.

To give you more of a technical background, the CCRPG game is based on a mix of PHP and MySQL. Most of the data is stored in database and the user can login and interact with other players. Currently, the battle and map system is a work in progress. It’s not up yet on the site, but it’s on my computer. It’s just buggy and I don’t want a chance of a major flaw breaking the server. Currently, if you sign up, you can buy some stuff and pm people. I will most likely post updates here for now instead of the forum.


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Welcome to the about page! I started this blog just recently in hopes to have something to do. In short, I do web development and programming. If this is too complicated of an explanation, I send stuff through the tubes of the intarweb. I used to use a dump truck, but now that’s frowned upon. You can find my whole bio and some other stuff at

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